A 45-minute (kick)boxing training, which you will do in a duo. You do not need to book in a duo, just come by yourself! Expect an intense training at our OUTDOOR location Roetersstraat 2. The trainer guides you through the entire training and provides technique tips and compliments 🙂


A 45-minute (kick)boxing heavy bag training, without breaks, so expect to get your heartrate up and get very sweaty! The class takes place in our famous Underground Bunker, with dimmed lights and no mirrors or clocks to distract you. 45 minutes will fly by!

FIGHT beginners technique

A 60-minute kickboxing class for beginners, in which the basic techniques of kicking and boxing are explained. Combinations on the bag will be the main focus of the training, complemented by bodyweight exercises. Although the main focus is on technique training, the pace is quite intense! You will get a good workout so get ready to get sweaty!


A 45-minute strength & conditioning training at our outdoor location, ROETERSSTRAAT 2, which you will do in a group and with guidance. The trainer is present for questions, technique tips and compliments 🙂


A 45-minute pads training at our outdoor location, ROETERSSTRAAT 2. The training will be in duo’s and with guidance. During this training you will improve your technique and hit on each-others pads alternately. The trainer is present to give you tips, answer your questions and to give you compliments. Don’t be fooled, because the intensity is the same!

FIGHT intermediate

A 60-minute kickboxing bag training in which you perform combinations on  the bag, in the famous Underground Bunker! Strong focus on kickboxing techniques.

FIGHT intermediate - boxing only

Same as our FIGHT intermediate class but now we focus only on boxing. Taught in THE BUNKER by Dutch national champion boxing Kris Anne Mulder, our only female (and amazing) boxing trainer.

Kickboxing technique class

60 minutes small group technique training under guidance of the national and international pro-fighter (and always smiling) Clyde Brunswijk. Be ready to learn, laugh and sweat in and around the boxing ring, with nothing than positive vibes.

Pads training

Using pads, you will work with a partner performing combinations on the pads. In this class you will develop your kickboxing skills, as well as learn how to hold pads and receive combinations.


Use the techniques you’ve learned in bag training on a partner. You will be guided by a trainer who will explain different techniques to develop your sparring skills, such as how to defend yourself and how to hit your opponent. Safety is always first, and sparring will be done in a respectful and friendly manner. Not for beginners: make sure you have done at least 50 bag trainings. Shin guards and mouthguards are MANDATORY! These can be purchased in the gym or bring your own.

Ring ready

Get ready for a real fight in the ring with this customized program! Over the course of 16 weeks you will follow our Ring Ready program, which will get you ready to fight in the ring. The program consists of a weekly special Ring Ready small group training, taught by professional fighters. In addition, you will participate in a FIGHT bag training 2x per week and 1x SPARRING as your fourth training of the week (of course, adjustable depending on the area you need to improve most). Also, you will receive special “mental training” as well as sparring exchange trainings! Your Ring Ready trainers will also coach you during your fight! Price in total for 4 months is €180 (non-refundable). MEMBERS ONLY.