Underground in "het Parool"

Underground is featured in Het Parool, in the daily section “open”, which highlights newly opened businesses in Amsterdam.
“Colorful graffiti, brick walls, a cozy seating area, large bar, dumbbells, kettlebells and a boxing ring. At first glance, Underground is reminiscent of a gym version of the Vegan Junk Food Bar, but if you look a little further, you suddenly see the dangerously heavy doors of the next room: a bunker illuminated with red fluorescent lights, where a dozen punching bags hang from the ceiling and hip-hop blares from the speakers.
It’s a new sports concept that Underground owners Sharon Zaal (35) and Laura Sleurink (29) have transferred from New York’s neighborhood Brooklyn.”
Read more: https://www.parool.nl/stadsgids/boksschool-underground~a4619010/

Underground in "Metro nieuws"!

“An almost impossible #personalgoal2018 to make a #personalgoal2019 possible for many in Amsterdam. Sharon and Laura made it happen with a no-nonsense gym concept. Newspaper Metro and clothing brand Bristol visited them.
Punching and sweating to free up head space. That’s what it’s all about in the new and raw sports concept Underground for the capital, which has come over from Brooklyn. Sharon Zaal (35) and Laura Sleurink (29) saw the “underground fight club” in America with their own eyes. Sharon was a lawyer, PR employee (including RTL) and artist manager. Laura has so far had a career as an investment banker.”

Underground launches Youtube

Check out our Youtube channel which contains video’s of the Underground Bunker, a virtual tour through the gym and much more! Be warned, watching this content will make you want to go crazy in the famous Underground Bunker 😉 Are you ready to FIGHT?!

Link to our channel: